ENVY HEMP was created to support hard working people who put it all on the line to accomplish their goals. Whether you're a firefighter running into a burning building, or a mom working the night shift to support your family, ENVY HEMP salutes you.

The foundation of ENVY HEMP is built on our mission of optimizing your health. By combining the highest quality nutritional supplements with CBD derived from organically grown American hemp, we strive to serve you by providing innovative products that are fast acting, functional and affordable. 

ENVY HEMP is fast. Our water-soluble CBD is created with advanced nanotechnology that allows it to deliver when you need it the most. We know you want and deserve your relief fast - which is why our CBD is different. We use a special process known as "sonification" that allows our water soluble products to work up to 10x faster with up to 10x more bioavailability than the traditional manufacturing process. 

ENVY HEMP is functional. We've combined our powerful nano-emulsified CBD with premium nutritional supplements. We've done the hard work for you and covered all your bases: a good night's sleep, invigorating energy, and full body wellness. We also know you're tired of lugging around a tincture or a bottle of capsules, that's why our team of product specialist works hand and hand with our organic chemists to design and develop innovative Pure Hemp CBD Supplements for on the go use. Our water-soluble CBD easily blends into your drink and our capsules are individually packed. Grab them and go, with no mess or stress. 

ENVY HEMP is affordable. We’re tired of the CBD hype and of one off brands popping up to make a quick dollar off of exploiting hard working Americans with sub-par products at ridiculous prices. We're here to change lives, not to rake you over the coals for every cent. 

We love the power that CBD has to change lives, but we but we don’t love inaccurate CBD dosages, confusing measurements, misleading claims, or shady marketing tactics. At the end of day, our CBD is for you. Our cGMP certified extracted hemp is third-party tested three times for purity, so you'll never have to worry about our products containing THC. 

ENVY HEMP isn’t about fame or recognition. Our Pure Hemp CBD Supplements are about about hard work, no excuses, and supporting you in getting the job done where it counts.