At Envy Hemp, we appreciate all the opportunities that we are given living in the United States. We know that America is a nation built on values that are worth protecting. We understand that this could not be done without sacrifices; people investing their blood, sweat, and tears. This encompasses “The American Spirit”. 

Envy Hemp grew out of a small company that started in nutritional supplements. Health and wellness were something the founders of this company valued significantly. When they were first introduced to CBD, there was no denying that they found an all-natural, magical elixir.

As CBD sales rose, they also saw a problem. Companies were charging a fortune for their products - come to find out, customers were getting cheated on incorrect CBD amounts that were being marketed on the products they were purchasing. There was also a lack of safety measures put in place for CBD manufacturers. At Envy Hemp, we go above and beyond by testing our products three times before you ingest it. We also manufacture our products in an FDA-certified laboratory. All Envy Hemp products come with a QR code that scans to its most updated Certificate of Analysis. As a CBD manufacturer, transparency and safety are our top priority for our customers. We look at you as family, therefore, we would never create products that we wouldn’t take ourselves.

Core Values

Our values reflect those of a business started by hardworking and honest men. The approach we take towards developing CBD products demonstrates a need for affordability and functionality.

Envy Hemp is Fast

Our water-soluble CBD is created with advanced nanotechnology that allows it to deliver when you need it the most. We know you want and deserve your relief fast - which is why our CBD is different.

Envy Hemp is Functional

We've combined our powerful nano-emulsified CBD with premium nutritional supplements. We've done the hard work for you and covered all your bases by creating products that suit your everyday needs. Our products are packaged to serve an on-the-go lifestyle

 Envy Hemp is Affordable

We’re tired of the CBD hype and of one-off brands popping up to make a quick dollar off of exploiting hardworking Americans with sub-par products at ridiculous prices. We're here to change lives, not to rake you over the coals for every cent.

Thus, we thank those who sacrifice themselves/their bodies in their line of work. Without you this brand could not exist. Without you the American Spirit could not exist.


We salute you.

CBD crafted for the hardworking American