At Envy Hemp, our primary focus is to research and develop innovative hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products for the everyday hero. We’re at the forefront of research and nanotechnology allowing us to provide products that are fast-acting, functional and affordable. Our laboratory team, made up of distinguished organic chemists, is dedicated to producing the finest and purest hemp-derived CBD products while never compromising integrity or quality.

Hemp-derived Cannabidiol | Made in USA, Non-GMO, 100% THC-Free

It all starts with fully compliant, high-quality hemp-derived CBD that we are proud to say comes straight from Kentucky where every plant is extracted under the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Produced from non-GMO hemp, our CBD utilizes CO2 extraction to separate CBD from other naturally found cannabinoids. The result is 99+% pure CBD crystalline isolate that is 100% THC-Free.  

From the farm to the laboratory

Although there are many ways to consume CBD, via oral (digestive), pulmonary, transmucosal and transdermal methods, only a small percentage of the consumed CBD content, stated as “bioavailability”, can be absorbed into the bloodstream effectively. This is simply because cannabinoids like CBD are not water-soluble and not readily compatible with the predominantly water-based human body.  

Nanotechnology meets cannabidiol

At Envy Hemp, we believe we can do better. Our laboratory team utilizes state-of-the-art high-amplitude ultrasonic technology to produce pharmaceutical-grade hemp extracted nanoemulsions. With this advanced technology within our facility, we can significantly increase the bioavailability of standard CBD oil. In fact, you can see the difference with our 250 mg Water Soluble CBD tincture as it appears to be optically translucent and easily mixed into any beverage while being all natural and non-toxic.  After mixing, clear beverages still maintain their clarity while opaque or turbid beverages will still appear uniform.

The translucency and bioavailability of our water-soluble CBD nanoemulsions are directly related to CBD droplet size. Measured by laser diffraction using Microtrac Analyzer S3500, we can determine that our water-soluble CBD products exhibit on average a Mean Droplet Size (MDS) of 20 nanometers. To give you perspective, the average size of a red blood cell is 7,000 nanometers!

Fernando Martinez in Airganics Lab

Pharmaceutical-grade Nutritional Supplements  

At Envy Hemp, our scientists have combined powerful nanoemulsified CBD with functional nutritional supplements in an all-in-one product ranging from convenient tinctures, on-the-go capsule packs and revitalizing CBD shots.

When it comes to our nutritional supplements, we only source pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, herbs, and oils to provide you with pure and potent products. Our goal is all natural and non-GMO ingredients to complement our all natural and non-GMO CBD, which is why all our raw materials undergo initial inspection and screening via in-house microscopic analyzer prior to bulk mixing and manufacturing. During our testing, our scientists check for impurities, contaminants and moisture content.

Each of our products (aside from pure CBD capsules and tinctures) are formulated with a function in mind to help you get the most of your CBD. Our Sleep product line includes supplements like melatonin and chamomile to ensure that, along with the inherent potential effects of CBD itself, you have every tool available to help you get to sleep. This follows for all our functional lines.


Trusted and Certified

We believe in transparency, which is why the laboratory adheres to strict guidelines set by regulatory agencies operating at a cGMP level. Our lab team utilizes specialized equipment to ensure quality products. Products are subjected to rigorous stability testing and follow parameters to ensure compliance and food safety. 

Safety, efficacy, and quality are always our main objectives. Our products undergo testing at every stage, from raw materials to the final products. After raw materials undergo initial screening, they are then sent out to be tested by an independent third-party facility before ever being introduced to the product in the manufacturing process.

Our in-house facility is designed to reduce all potential sources of contamination. Only authorized personnel are admitted into the lab and must adhere to personal protective equipment (PPE) dress code to limit human-related contaminants. The lab functions under a strict environmental management protocol that regiments the cleaning and maintenance of manufacturing areas which are examined and “released” for production on a weekly basis.

Beyond Research and Development

Our commitment to science-based research has allowed us to develop the best CBD products on the market with rapid onset and relief. Envy Hemp’s line includes intellectual property encompassing proprietary formulations and nanoemulsions.

With Envy Hemp’s in-house R&D facility, clients can rely on our expertise to help formulate cutting-edge products. In the past, we have helped bring Organic CBD hair and skin products to the market. During product development, we work closely with clients to meet their needs and requirements. We provide product samples to our clients and encourage feedback. After client approval, our manufacturing team begins production under Current Good Manufacturing Practices standards.


Personal Expertise and Background:

Frank Lewis
Chief Technical Officer 

Frank A. Lewis is a Senior Organic Chemist and Emeritus Member of the American Chemical Society.  He was a materials research scientist in the private sector (David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, NJ); an occupational health specialist with the federal government (U.S. Dept. of Labor - OSHA and U.S. Public Health Service - NIOSH and FOH, Philadelphia, PA); and a business owner in the natural foods industry (EverYoung International, Hill Nutritional Products, and University Herbs, Philadelphia, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ).

He has published over 100 scientific papers and given numerous presentations on various public health subjects ranging from indoor air quality to enhanced brain activity using nutritional supplements.  

Fernando Martinez
Laboratory Production Manager 

Fernando graduated from the University of South Florida in 2018 with a B.S in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Biomedical Physics. He is a full member of the American Chemical Society. During his undergraduate studies, Fernando helped conduct scientific research on botanical medicine and drug delivery.

Fernando now leads a range of laboratory projects and brings his strong science background to help formulate and develop Envy Hemp’s product line. In addition to Envy Hemp products, Fernando also works with Nutriair and MOXĒ, an innovative nutritional supplement delivery system and a portable aromatherapy diffuser, respectively.

Fernando is currently part of the Research and Development department and the Quality Control department, where he helps to design and test new products for clients and company as well as routinely performing quality control tests on current products including mechanical and biological analyses.  

Fernando also oversees production-related standard operating procedures and is hands-on from start to finish.


Amira is a graduate of the University of South Florida and a full member of the American Chemical Society. She holds a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology with a minor in Psychology. After earning her degree in 2016, she went on to join the quality control team at Creative Testing Solutions, a donor testing laboratory responsible for testing over 75% of the country's blood supply. In 2017, Amira worked with Bausch + Lomb as their Quality Control Microbiologist and performed environmental monitoring duties and sterility testing on the company's thousands of prescription pharmaceuticals manufactured daily.

At Envy Hemp, Amira now offers up her years of experience in the manufacturing industry to ensure a safe and quality product. Amira currently manages and implements quality control procedures to ensure product compliance while working closely with the Research and Development department. Since joining the team, Amira has enhanced quality control measures in the laboratory and has developed procedures for analytical and mechanical testing.