We believe in supporting fellow American businesses and the hardworking people they employ. When it came time to decide where we wanted to look for our Hemp, we knew it had to be American-grown Hemp.  

Today, we proudly source our Hemp directly from Kentucky, one of the pioneers of Hemp agriculture and sustainable farming practices. Having grown Hemp in its fertile soil since the 1700’s, Kentucky has the perfect balance of weather and sunlight to grow the premium, high-CBD Hemp we use in our products. Our farms operate in accordance with section 7606 of the Farm Bill, and the State Laws of Kentucky.  

We prioritize farming partners who show a commitment to harvesting an ecologically sustainable crop with modern science and technology. Whether that’s through water reduction, or using less energy per hectare of farmland, Envy Hemp will continuously seek to support farmers who live and breathe responsible hemp agriculture. 

 Envy Hemp takes the resulting Hemp and processes the whole plant in an FDA registered and inspected food grade, GMP compliant facility. Plus, we have all our products third party tested.  

To make it to your door, our Hemp undergoes what is known as COsupercritical fluid extraction. CO2 extraction separates the different cannabinoids by exposing them to solvents which under extreme pressure and high temperatures can move between being a solid, a liquid or a gas. These solvents are known as supercritical fluids – with the most common being Carbon Dioxide. 

This process is extremely safe, owing in part to CO2 being a natural compound. CO2 also gives a remarkable degree of control in separating out the individual cannabinoids, which allows us to bring you a pure CBD isolate with 0 THC! 

If you have any questions about our Hemp or the manufacturing process, we want to hear from you!