Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, American workers have been able to get back to work without fear of one of the nation's oldest crops coming back to bite them.

At Envy Hemp, we couldn't be more thrilled.

Our CBD Isolate starts it's life as a seed in Kentucky, where it's nourished by the rich soil and abundant sunshine. We choose Kentucky Hemp because of the rigorous commitment to quality that we expect, with our farms producing only organic, non-GMO industrial hemp. With the longstanding tradition of Hemp farming, Kentucky Hemp also allows us to spend our hard earned dollars supporting American workers and their families.

After the growing season is over and the Hemp has been carefully harvested by cutting edge technology, our soon to be CBD isolate is sent off to our cGMP certified lab to be distilled into the potent CBD Isolate. 

The Hemp undergoes what is known as CO2 extraction - where the plant fibers are taken through a series of chambers that control pressure and temperature. This process allows us to isolate the cannabinoids we want (CBD) while eliminating the cannabinoids we don't want (THC). 

Our CBD then undergoes a process called chromatography, which further removes the phytochemicals and terpenes to be discarded. This process filters out the THC, and allows Envy Hemp CBD Isolate to maintain high levels of purity, which you can verify by visiting our batch testing page.

Afterwards the final chromatography panels have been completed, our CBD is third party tested for purity in our cGMP certified lab. Only after our CBD passes our rigorous quality standard do we begin using it in the manufacturing process to bring you the best CBD oil and capsules.