Why Certificates of Analysis Are Important 

  • Full transparency allows you to trust the company you’re buying CBD from. 

  • Verify the amount of CBD alleged on the product label is actually present through testing by 3rd party laboratories. Are you sure you’re getting what you pay for? It’s your right to know.

  • Our products undergo three stages of testing from raw material to finished good to ensure product quality.

  • Know that your product is safe to consume. If a company doesn’t offer a CoA for each product, be suspicious! 

Because the booming CBD industry is thus far very minimally regulated by the government, it falls upon companies to make sure the products they’re distributing to consumers are safe and contain the correct amount of CBD they’re claiming.

The only way to be sure a finished CBD product contains the correct amount of CBD, zero THC, and no biological or environmental contaminants is to test for these factors in a laboratory.  Sometimes, even well-intentioned companies fall short of these goals during the manufacturing of product batches due to human error or other factors. Therefore, it’s important that each batch goes through multiple stages of testing to ensure that you’re getting exactly what is advertised.

At Envy Hemp, our products are tested in various stages from raw material to finished product to verify our products’ potency and safety.

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