Frank A Lewis & Josh R Matzkin


As a Chemist and Herbalist for more than 50 years, Frank Lewis worked in private industry, public service, and his own businesses to help improve the quality of life for regular Americans. He worked alongside those American workers that do the most difficult and dangerous jobs you can think of - in foundries, smelters, petrochemical plants, dyeworks, you name it - to help workers stay safe and healthy.

Many workers in the manufacturing and service sectors are prone to the aches and pains of strenuous activity from lifting, repetitive motion, and standing long hours. In 1996, he built and opened two University Herbs shops in Philadelphia, PA to serve a working-class community that wanted and needed an alternative approach to health care that could address their health issues.

Josh Matzkin is a former, exclusive Google Business Photos partner and multi-business owner in the nutritional supplement space. Born in the Motor City Josh had an affinity for and engaged in every sport that he possibly could. Josh excelled at football and was recruited to play fullback for Penn State. There he studied business and labor employment relations. While playing football at Penn State, Josh received numerous injuries to his neck, back, and feet. He still has lingering pain to this day which he believes are a direct correlation to playing the sport he loved.

Josh then turned his focus on manufacturing nutritional supplements, but it was not until learning about CBD that everything changed for him. He learned more and more about its positive effects on people’s overall well-being, which led him to start taking it himself. He personally found surprising results and found what he believed to be a healthier alternative to relieve his everyday aches and pains.

In 2014, Frank and Josh teamed up to create new and better ways to deliver nutritional ingredients. One result of this partnership was to create a water-soluble form of Cannabidiol (CBD) that was quick-acting, required less CBD to be effective, and could be sold at a much more affordable price than what was on the market. Their goal was to create a better working CBD line for the people that really need it. Not the hipsters or Instagram models because it’s the “cool new thing”, but for the everyday hard working American. Whether you’re a construction worker, a coal miner, or a stay at home mom…this is for you