A thank you to our country’s heroes.

To the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces, we salute you. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made and your dedication to this country. It is because of your courageous service that we live in a country we can proudly call free.

To show our gratitude for your service, Envy Hemp is proud to offer a free month of Envy Hemp CBD Capsules to Veterans of our Armed Forces. Envy Hemp’s mission is to optimize health by providing functional and fast acting CBD products derived from all-natural American Hemp. Although we cannot match the hard work you have done by serving our country—we aim to show our appreciation by offering a CBD product that will work hard for you and offer daily support.

To receive a free month of Envy Hemp CBD Capsules:

  • Choose which Envy Hemp CBD Capsules you would like to receive (Pure CBD, Energy CBD, Sleep CBD, Recovery with Turmeric CBD or Wellness CBD).
  • Call Envy Hemp at 1-800-219-2078 or send an email to info@envyhemp.com providing us with your proof of military service, which CBD Capsules you would like to try and your shipping address!

Why we do what we do

Hardworking, badass people—like you—are the inspiration for Envy Hemp. We are driven by the American belief that through hard work, sacrifice and dedication, anything can be achieved. Our version of achieving the American Dream is knowing that the products we create can have a positive impact on the people who are the backbone of this country.