Why We Should Legalize

The topic of hemp legalization has been a hot one for years, and unfortunately cannabis has such a bad rep from all of the recreational uses that it's more known for. What would happen if people looked at the logical and day-to-day uses of hemp? There have been reports that say that hemp and CBD products can help people who suffer from seizures, MS (multiple sclerosis) and even help with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer patients. Those reasons in themselves should be enough to push for hemp to be legal across the country. Let's look at how hemp could impact our day to day lives.

No Pesticides

Hemp can grow organically in any climate anywhere in the world. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) typically require multiple pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers to survive. If we substituted soybeans, corn or even cotton with hemp, we could reduce the damage to our health and the ecosystems we need to survive.

End Deforestation

Forests can't keep up with our needs. 95% of paper is made from wood pulp and hemp could easily replace that. Hemp can produce 3x-4x as much fiber per hectare that a typical forest can and even twice as much as a pine plantation.


After a study done at Nova Institute based in Germany, tests concluded that hemp has a favorable influence on soil structure. A hemp rotation was found to increase wheat yields by 10%-20%. Not only that but, hemp can grow in the most inhospitable environments and useless soils and still thrive. Environmentally, hemp is a win.

These are only three of the many reasons that hemp should be legalized. Hemp can also cut down our carbon emissions which, in turn, could help slow the effects of global warming and we could even end our dependence on regular petroleum products. There is so much potential when it comes to this plant and it is an underutilized resource that could help shape a more positive future for the generations following us.

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