Water Soluble CBD

The History of Water Soluble CBD

There’s actually not much history to speak of when it comes to water soluble CBD. It blew up late 2014, but it’s still not commonly found sold on the Internet.

Pharma and nutritional companies are always working on improving the bioavailability of their products, and since our bodies are mostly made of water, a water soluble CBD oil is about as good as it gets. If you put something into your body that isn’t water soluble, then your body has trouble absorbing it. Only 10% of non-soluble vitamins get absorbed by the human body.

The reason pharma drug have so many side effects is because the 90 or so percent of the product that’s not getting absorbed is stored in fat cells until they reach toxic levels.

All hail the cannabis Industry that actually solved the bioavailability issue with Cannabidiol (CBD).

Water Soluble CBD Today

While there seem to be so many breakthroughs on the subject of water solubility, these are mostly made up to inflate stock prices. Basically, not all water soluble CBD is created equal.

Introducing Envy Hemp. No glycerin. No liposomes. No detergents or solvents.

They believe truly water soluble CBD is so important because:

  1. You can use less to achieve the desired effects of a particular CBD product.
  2. You can save money for the CBD you need.

Envy Hemp is also taking CBD to the next level by pairing it with supplements that you already use, such as Nootropics and melatonin. By combining supplements with cannabis, it intensifies the effectiveness of both. They also guarantee their products contain zero THC, so you never have to worry about any psychoactive effects (or drug tests), but you can still enjoy all the health benefits that come with using high-quality CBD. Envy Hemp offers both tinctures and gel caps.

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