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The FDA vs CBD

FDA cbd
In April of this year, the very first CBD-based medication called Epidiolex was approved by the FDA. Many were curious as to how an FDA approval wo...

Hemp Will Boost The Economy

envy hemp
Hemp is such a versatile plant. Not only can it be used to fuel our cars and clothe us, but it could also save our economy. The total value of hemp...

Hemp Uses

hemp uses
The world is getting to a point where humans cannot continue the way they are when it comes to fossil fuels, deforestation and the other hundreds o...

Medical CBD Uses

cbd medical
Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, is something that people are going to be hearing more of and more patients will utilize this natural remedy as a solut...

Water Soluble CBD

envy hemp
The History of Water Soluble CBD There’s actually not much history to speak of when it comes to water soluble CBD. It blew up late 2014, but it’s s...