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Hemp Milk is the New Almond Milk

hemp milk
You probably clicked into this article with the thought: What the heck? Hemp milk? Well it's a real thing and it could potentially replace dairy (a...

Hemp Skincare

hemp skincare
Regardless of your age, every person struggles with something when it comes to their skin, whether it be eczema or acne, wrinkles or dullness, ever...

Hemp Plastic

hemp plastic
Hemp plastic sounds crazy because we’re so used to our regular plastic bottles and other poly products we use every day. In the United States alone...


airport cbd
For the immense amount of people struggling with flight-related stress and anxiety, CBD would be a great option – if we were allowed to carry them ...

Why We Should Legalize

hemp legalization
The topic of hemp legalization has been a hot one for years, and unfortunately cannabis has such a bad rep from all of the recreational uses that i...

The FDA vs CBD

FDA cbd
In April of this year, the very first CBD-based medication called Epidiolex was approved by the FDA. Many were curious as to how an FDA approval wo...

Legalization VS Decriminalization

Envy Hemp legalization
There are three terms that are usually thrown around when CBD (or marijuana) is involved, those terms are illegal, decriminalized and legal. Many p...

Hemp Will Boost The Economy

envy hemp
Hemp is such a versatile plant. Not only can it be used to fuel our cars and clothe us, but it could also save our economy. The total value of hemp...

Hemp Uses

hemp uses
The world is getting to a point where humans cannot continue the way they are when it comes to fossil fuels, deforestation and the other hundreds o...

Medical CBD Uses

cbd medical
Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, is something that people are going to be hearing more of and more patients will utilize this natural remedy as a solut...

The History of Farming Hemp in the USA and Beyond

Hemp farming
Hemp is not a new concept. The earliest recorded use of the hemp plant dates all the way back to 2737. Now fast-forward to colonial times and the U...

Hemp Hearts Are Your Healthy Snack Go-To

Hemp Hearts Are Your Healthy Snack Go-To
Hemp hearts are packed with protein, potassium, manganese, and Omega-3 and even include all nine essential amino acids that your body needs, but doesn’t naturally produce on its own.