Legalization VS Decriminalization

There are three terms that are usually thrown around when CBD (or marijuana) is involved, those terms are illegal, decriminalized and legal. Many people use decriminalize and legalize interchangeably when in fact there are very important distinctions between the two terms. Decriminalization is a loosening of criminal penalties imposed for personal hemp use, even though the manufacturing and sale of the substance remain illegal. Under Legalization is the lifting or abolishment or abolishment of laws banning the possession and personal use of hemp in addition, legalization allows the government to tax and regulate the sales of hemp.

Thirteen states have already decriminalized hemp: Maryland, New York, New Hampshire, and Mississippi are just a few of them. One of the main arguments for the decriminalization of hemp is that it doesn't make sense to give the government the authority to legalize the use of hemp on one hand while attempting to regulate it with the other, it would have the same confusing conclusion that alcohol and tobacco have. Legalizing the use of hemp like Colorado and Washington argues that allowing the sale and manufacturing of the substance takes the power out of criminal's hands and allows for any revenue accumulated to be put back into the economy and provide a solution for unemployment.

Decriminalizing hemp also mean decriminalizing what farmers do with the stock, roots and everything that is left over that the government currently demands that they destroy. When hemp farmers can grow and sell in peace without interference from the government, a more environmentally-friendly industrial hemp can reach the consumers faster, which means the price of CBD oil can come down.

Regardless if the government decides to decriminalize or legalize, the fact that the conversation is being had is a progressive step. The sooner the government realizes that a plant isn't going to harm anyone and there are some benefits to using this plant, the sooner our economy and lives could improve.

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