Isolate VS Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD oil is full spectrum when it contains terpenes and other cannabinoids like THC (and others). Usually, these will be in naturally occurring ratios and extracted from a very specific plant. If you get drug tested, it’s best to stay away from a full spectrum product. While there should still be less than .03% of THC per serving, this is enough to trigger a drug test.

Another term floating around is “Broad Spectrum”. These claim to have 0% THC, but it’s important to verify lab tests on this kind of CBD to ensure this isn’t just a false claim. The better half of these products go through additional processing to try to isolate the CBD but still maintain some of the other important cannabinoids and terpenes (sans THC).

Legal CBD Isolate

Isolate is the legal CBD product most people want. It’s great if you worry about getting drug tested or are sensitive to THC. Products labeled as Isolate should highlight a 99+% pure CBD claim. These products will have nothing but CBD in them, hence the term isolate. Isolates usually are inside MCT Oils or are a crystalline isolate powder.

When looking at isolate, it is important to verify the purity. While these should be in the 99.9+% range with no trace amounts of THC, there exist low standard isolates in the 99.5% or lower category that may still show up on labs. It’s way less than what’s usually found in full spectrum products, but it’s something to think about for those searching for the purest CBD oil.

Envy Hemp goes the isolate route, and they take it a step further with super bioavailable water-soluble CBD oil. These are also specially taken from various strains to better help various areas of life. There’s one for sleep, energy, inflammation, stress and more.

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