How Much CBD Should You Take?

How much CBD should you take? It’s a common question with plenty of factors to consider, but we'll help you get to the bottom of it in this post.  

Cannabidiol, or CBD, can have a wealth of health benefits from stress-relief to pain reduction and even the management of epileptic seizures. But since it has yet to be classified as a drug or supplement, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no real regulation over it and, therefore, no government-approved recommended dosage is available.

It’s possible to find the right dosage for you, however, depending on factors like body weight, the condition being treated, and your own personal reaction to CBD’s effects. 

Here, we’ll provide tips on how best to land on the right CBD dosage for your needs. 

Is CBD Safe? 

The most important part of figuring out your CBD dose is knowing the safe limits of the compound in the body.

 Before trying CBD, it’s important to talk with your doctor about whether or not it is a good option for you. CBD may react with other medications or have unwelcome side effects. 

A 2017 review found that CBD is relatively safe for most people, but ultimately there wasn’t a single universal dose that worked for everyone. Different people require different doses of CBD to achieve the desired effects. The studies analyzed within the review observed participants with various conditions taking disparate dosages of CBD. 

It was found that doses of anywhere from 20-1500 mg of CBD were well tolerated by patients with little to no side effects. 

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How Much CBD Is Right For You?

Discovering the right amount of CBD to take can be a process, but there are some easy guidelines to follow. 

First, start with some basic information: 

  • Why are you taking CBD? Depending on the condition you’d like to treat, different doses of CBD may be necessary. For example, someone trying to ease their anxiety may require less CBD than someone hoping to relieve severe joint pain. 

  • Consider body weight. As a general rule, the more you weigh, the higher the dose of a drug is needed to serve its purpose. 

  • Ask your doctor. Getting a dosage recommendation from your health care provider is the easiest way to begin accurately dosing your CBD. 

  • It’s best (and safest) to start with the lowest average dose within the accepted range and gradually increase at specific time intervals until the desired effect is achieved.

If you are new to CBD or new to a specific form of CBD (e.g. edible infusions versus oil tinctures, etc.), it is best to start at a lower dose of approximately 20 mg a day and gradually increase by 5 mg, week by week, as necessary. 

It is also important to continually keep CBD in your system for the best results, so try not to skip doses while you experiment.

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 How To Accurately Dose CBD

Accurate dosing can be a little confusing for first time CBD users. The trick is to pay close attention to product labels. Companies may sometimes only show the total amount of CBD in their product or change up units to making you do the math. 

Generally, if the front of a product label boasts “X amount of CBD!” keep in mind that this is likely the total amount that is in the bottle, and not the per serving amount. 500 mg of CBD in an oil tincture with 30 total servings is actually a little over 16 mg per serving. Look for the per serving amount somewhere on the label, but if it’s not listed...

  • Divide the total amount of CBD listed by the total number of servings to get the amount of CBD per serving. 

  • Check units. 50,000 micrograms of CBD is actually 50 milligrams. 

  • Consider the form you’re taking. Research suggests that water-soluble CBD can be more effective than other forms such as edibles or oils. 

Calculating CBD Dosage



CBD is currently the talk of the town, helping people with a wide range ailments but knowing how much CBD to take is imperative to having a good overall experience.

If you’d like to see if CBD can help you, follow these guidelines but be sure to talk to your doctor first. 


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