Hemp Will Boost The Economy

Hemp is such a versatile plant. Not only can it be used to fuel our cars and clothe us, but it could also save our economy. The total value of hemp product sales in 2016 alone in the United States was $688 million. As the interest in hemp and its byproducts grow, that number will grow too. From creating jobs to boosting stocks on Wall Street, hemp has so much potential to generate revenue. If you want to see how we could heal our economy with this "miracle plant", keep reading.


Hemp is easy to grow, it requires very little, if any, pesticides or fungicides which reduces the number of toxins in the soil. Hemp absorbs CO2 while it goes through its photosynthesis which makes it carbon negative right from the start. Another thing to note is that because hemp can be turned into paper, it could put a stop to deforestation.


Hemp has been grown across the globe for centuries. (Fun fact: The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper) Hemp is also very easy to cultivate and can be grown in different climates and has few predators. Putting hemp farms in areas that used to bring in millions with cotton and sugar cane is a way that depressed areas could get back to a healthy place economically.


The hemp industry can create thousands of jobs for people. There is a huge demand for processors, extraction technicians, manufacturing professionals, regulatory officials and more. This is an industry that has the best outcome for fixing our mistakes and should be looked at in an optimistic light.

Hemp and its byproducts aren't something that we should just look at when it comes to medical uses. It could fix a lot of our problems and replace a lot of the harmful materials we use on a daily basis. We only have a short time on this planet and should be looking for ways to make the planet safe for future generations.

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