Hemp Uses

The world is getting to a point where humans cannot continue the way they are when it comes to fossil fuels, deforestation and the other hundreds of ways that we are destroying this planet. Mankind is in a race against time when it comes to saving this earth and slowing down the effects of climate change. The question is: how do you replace a majority of the materials we have all used in our lifetime? Easy answer, Hemp. If you are scratching your head wondering how you're going to run a car on a plant then keep reading.


Hemp is an amazing biofuel and is also totally renewable. Hemp converts to biodiesel at a 97% efficiency rate and burns at a lower temperature compared to any other biofuel. When hemp is burned in a diesel engine it gets rid of the petroleum exhaust odor and replaces it with the more pleasant smell of hemp. We could literally save the planet one mile at a time using this alternative to the petroleum products we use now.

CO2 Reduction

Hemp is one of the few crops known to be capable of reducing carbon emissions through rapid carbon uptake. It does this through a process called carbon sequestration. When hemp is cultivated it traps carbon from the air in the plant. The best part is that for every tone of hemp that is produced, 1.63 tons of carbon is removed from the air.


Most people don't know that the majority of the synthetic fibers we use today are actually manufactured from a polymer-based petrochemical material. This is just a very scientific way of saying that these fibers are highly toxic. Not only are we using toxic materials to create the fabrics, but the companies also burn coal, gas or crude oil, which means production is destructive as well. If hemp was used, the hemp fibers can be stripped from the plant and create clothing with a zero chemical residue and also make clothes that are UV resistant and highly durable.

The controversy over hemp is long outdated and incredibly silly. It's a plant with so many uses, and yet it is still being debated about. If more people were educated about the uses and benefits of Hemp, the earth might be saved very quickly, but since the almighty dollar runs the world, it could be a very close call for humankind.

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