Cooking With CBD

When it comes to incorporating CBD into our everyday routines, people can be stumped when it comes to how to creatively get that CBD into our systems. Ingesting CBD can obviously be done in the tincture and capsule form which is the basic way to get it done but, if you want to really to spice it up, try incorporating it into your meals. This might sound a little intimidating but after reading this article, you will be eager to try this easy way to get your CBD.

When you first start using CBD in your cooking, you might be tempted to overuse but the key is to start small. Overusing CBD will overpower your food making it less tasty and you will end up wasting the oil. Overusing CBD won't negatively impact your health in any way so you don't need to be concerned in that aspect and you won't overdose if you put too much in your food, it will just cause your food to have a weird taste. Start with small batches and you will know when you hit your sweet spot for future meals. As with any meal, the quality of your ingredients matters, you don't want to be using subpar ingredients, you want the freshest avocados, leanest meats and highest quality CBD. When you are looking for CBD to cook with, always look for where it came from and the lab test results.

When you get to cooking, make sure you use a low temperature, Cannabinoids are sensitive to heat so don't expose it to a direct flame, doing this can cause the oil to lose terpenes and other health-boosting molecules so cook everything low and slow, let's get real though, slow-cooked food always tastes better anyway.  When you start cooking with CBD, make sure you use foods with fat or oil-based ingredients. If the recipe you are using isn't fat or oil based, try diluting the recipe with a small amount of cognac, vodka or rum although, it's one thing to note that the majority of recipes will have an oil or fat base so you shouldn't need to substitute.

CBD is an easy additive to cook with, you will be surprised at how easy it is just to pop a few drops into a stir-fry or soup and reap the benefits you need from the CBD. There are tonnes of flavors you can choose from if you want to spice it up too, don't be nervous to switch it up and make your life easier.

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