CBD Isolate 101: Everything You Need to Know

I am sure you have heard about the different types of CBD that are available on the market. The most common three types are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate.

At Envy Hemp, all our products are made with CBD isolate, which is derived from organically grown hemp in Kentucky. We went this direction as we did not want our customers to be concerned about THC consumption in any of our products. We’ve written this article, to provide more information on CBD and we hope that you gain everything you need to know about this cannabinoid.

CBD Isolate 101: Everything You Need to Know

What is CBD isolate?

Just as hinted in the name, CBD isolate is the isolated form of cannabidiol extracted from the cannabis plant. When CBD is made, its' finished product is a pure, crystalline powder that contains 99 percent CBD. 

How is CBD isolate made?

The traditional process to make CBD isolate begins with the hemp plant going through a CO2 extraction process, which results in a thick oily substance. This oily substance is known as full-spectrum CBD, which is an oil that contains all the cannabinoids hemp has to offer.

Following the extraction process, the full-spectrum CBD goes through a purifying process. This process, referred as winterization, removes the excess plant compounds from the CBD oil. This final steps results in the crystalline substance containing up to 99% pure CBD. 

Choosing CBD isolate over full-spectrum CBD 

While some prefer full-spectrum CBD due to the entourage effect, below are reasons why choosing CBD isolate would be a preferred option for some.

  1. If you are worried about testing positive due to a drug test. True raw CBD isolate should not detect any THC, but please note you should always look closely at labels and CoA's about the product you are purchasing. This will give you further information about the type of CBD you purchased. 
  2.  If you are looking for simplicity regarding the dosing and ingredients in your CBD products, then choosing CBD isolate might be the better option for you. Meaning, measuring CBD isolate dosages are accurate because there is no addition of terpenes, other cannabinoids, etc. With dosing, what you see is what you get. 
  3. The versatility and possibilities of using CBD isolate are endless - you can practically add it to anything. With no odor or flavor, you can add it to any drink or food. Here at Envy Hemp HQ, we love to add it to our coffee. 

CBD Isolate 101: Everything You Need to Know

How to Use CBD Isolate 

As noted previously, CBD isolate is such a versatile product. Below are the various ways you can use Envy Hemp's products:

Place it Under the Tongue

To take CBD isolate sublingually, you can apply the CBD isolate powder or CBD isolate oil directly under your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds without ingesting the product. With the sublingual method, the CBD isolate is absorbed into the mucus membranes, which then delivers into your bloodstream. You can read more about this method in our blog, "How long does CBD stay in your system?".


CBD isolate can be vaped or dabbed. When vaping CBD oil, the effects are felt faster versus ingesting an oil tincture or edibles. 


Adding CBD into topicals is catching quite the popularity. When applying CBD topically into the skin, the CBD is absorbed and working with your endocannabinoid system. People use CBD topicals to target relief from chronic pain, inflammation, and skin disorders. 

Things to Consider Before Taking CBD

Though CBD is often well-tolerated, CBD has had some noted side effects. The side effects noted were dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue. You should always consult with your health care practitioner before taking CBD, as CBD can interact with medications (like blood thinners). 

Final Thoughts 

We are huge advocates of CBD isolate. Always remember to purchase from reputable companies that are transparent in their lab testing results done by a credible laboratory. 

If this is your first time trying CBD isolate, we recommend trying our Pure CBD products. You can start at a lower dosage and work your way to the perfect dose! See what can be achieved when adding CBD isolate to your everyday regimen.  

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