Top 5 CBD-Infused Drink Recipes

CBD comes in different consumption forms, including CBD oil, vape, topicals, and even gummies. Due to its typical unpleasant earthy taste, these alternatives are manufacturers' bid to offer prospective consumers more suiting ways to consume the compound.

Infusing CBD into your favorite drinks like tea and coffee is a wise way to meet your daily CBD dosage. Besides, experts say CBD easily degrades in some particular products, thereby reducing its potentials. But in drinks, CBD does not break down easily; hence, an excellent way to preserve its potency.

Before you proceed with your CBD-infused drinks, here are some helpful tips:

Buy only lab-tested CBD infused drinks

As far as the FDA is concerned, CBD is not a drug – but a supplement. For this, the CBD market is widely unregulated.

Among the overwhelming loads of CBD-labeled products on the market, a disturbing lot contain more harmful chemicals than CBD. To search out genuine from the fakes, insist on only third-party-lab-tested products and with Certificate of Analysis (COA). COA verifies the credibility of manufacturers' claims on products' labels.

Where to buy CBD oil for Drinks?

You buy lab-tested CBD oil online or in-stores. We recommend using Envy Hemp Pure CBD in MCT since it does not have any flavorings that could change the taste of your drink. 


Begin with low doses

    Everyone may react to CBD differently. So, the rule of thumb says: start small, watch the effects, and increase accordingly until you hit the most suitable dose.

    That said, 15 mg seems a standard dose across many CBD infused products.

    A few drops does it

      While some beverages are specially made with CBD, you can convert practically any drink to a CBD drink. It only takes adding a few drops of tincture or oil into your soda, beer, or water to make them a CBD drink.

      Should You Use CBD Oils or tinctures?

        Tinctures blend better with liquids than oils, which floats. While you may get a slightly different experience from these alternatives, the ultimate benefits are similar.

        That said, you may want to try out these CBD-infused drinks

        How to Make a CBD Infused Drink

        CBD Tea Recipe

        CBD-Infused Tea Recipe 

        It's always a rewarding experience with a cup of tea. Some drops of CBD into the mix delivers the soothing taste of your favorite tea, and the stress-relieving gains that come with CBD.


        • 1 cup of heated water
        • 1 bundle or tea bag of your favorite tea leaves
        • 1 cinnamon stick
        • 15 mg of CBD oil


        • Put your tea in a mug and add your hot water
        • Drop in your CBD oil/tincture
        • Leave for about 15 minutes
        • Add a cinnamon stick for added zest and flavor

        CBD-Infused Sangria Recipe

        CBD Sangria Recipe

        Do you wish to give your party guest a nice kick? CBD infused sangria sounds like a great deal. Sangria has become a favorite among party hosts for its preparation ease and cheap cost. Besides, it's widely loved.

        Here's the quick recipe


        • 1 orange
        • 1 lime
        • 1 apple
        • 1 lemon
        • 1 cup of cranberry juice
        • ½ cup of orange juice
        • 1 dropper
        • 2 cups of seltzer
        • 3 cups of red grape juice or wine
        • Ice cubes


        • Slice your apples in chunks and the citrus into wheels
        • Mix all your ingredients in a pitcher
        • That's all. Now, serve cold

        CBD-Infused Gin and Tonic Recipe

        CBD Gin and Tonic Recipe

        Here's an excellent after-dinner recipe to keep you hydrated and relieved. This alcoholic beverage is delicious and easy to prepare. A good serving for your party as it promises a sure hit.


        • 1 ½ ounce gin
        • 3 ½ ounce of tonic water
        • ¼ ounce of lemon juice
        • 15 mg of CBD oil
        • Lemon zest, peppercorn, blueberries or cannabis herbs for an added flavor and aroma (Optional)


        • Add all ingredients in a shaker and mix
        • Pour into a glass and decorate with an edible flower or fruit peel
        • Serve chilled

        CBD-Infused Apple Coconut Smoothie Recipe

        CBD Apple Coconut Smoothie Recipe

        A glass of smoothie is an exciting way to kick start your day. Besides its great taste, this CBD-infused recipe is easy to make and healthy.


        • ¼ glass of apple juice
        • ¼ glass of coconut milk
        • 1 watermelon wedge 
        • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
        • Half a banana
        • 15 mg of CBD oil


        • Blend all ingredients
        • Serve in your smoothie cup
        • You may prepare in advance and store in your

        CBD-Infused Peppermint Chocolate Espresso Recipe 

        CBD Peppermint Chocolate Espresso Recipe

        For many, a cup of coffee signals the dawn of a day. Adding some CBD drops to your daily caffeine dose helps for a longer-lasting CBD effect. Here's how to prepare this tasty coffee:


        • Coffee or expresso
        • 1 tablespoon of unsweetened chocolate
        • ½ of sweetener (perhaps, sugar)
        • ¼ cup of creamer
        • A drop of peppermint oil
        • CBD oil (15 mg)


        • Pour your CBD oil into your chocolate
        • Add the mix to your coffee
        • Serve and have fun.

        Will CBD Drinks Get Me High?

        First, remember CBD is not responsible for the high associated with marijuana consumption – THC is. So, adding CBD to your beverage will not make you high.

        However, logically, CBD-infused alcoholic beverages may be intoxicating. This psychoactive effect is a result of your already toxic drink, and not CBD's presence, per se.

        That said, use CBD in alcoholic drinks cautiously as CBD is thought to interacts with the body's metabolism, reduces the breakdown of certain substances [like alcohol], and hence increases the level of alcohol stored up in the body.

        Are CBD-Infused Drinks Safe?

        So far, there is yet no significant evidence regarding CBD's adverse effects. Although studies are still in its infancy, CBD is touted safe and widely tolerated.

        Studies have only shown CBD may help combat discomfort, pain, stress, and related concerns.


        NO doubt, CBD is all the rage lately. As its popularity soars, more and more people are convinced and, thus, seek ways to utilize CBD's all-round benefits.

        While many love the gummies and other edibles for their thirstiness, more fun ways are emerging to incorporate CBD in your daily routine. For instance, CBD drinks are gaining ground. These CBD-rich drinks are easy and fun to make. If you wish to try out CBD infused beverages, the recipes above are a good start.

        And remember, with just a few drops of CBD, you can convert practically any drink to a CBD-infused beverage.

        That said, ensure you always seek expert medical advice before you make any adjustments to your lifestyle and diet.

        Do you seek third-party lab-tested American-sourced CBD products for your CBD drinks? Envy Hemp offers an exciting variety of pure CBD products that ticks all the quality, functionality, and affordability boxes.  

        Not sure what you need? Feel free to contact us today for a professional no-obligation guide at no additional cost.

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