CBD In Food: Tips For Including CBD In Your Diet

Though lots of us take CBD for its medicinal benefits, we don't necessarily want it to feel like taking our medicine. There are plenty of ways to take the useful cannabinoid, but adding CBD in food and drinks may be the most enjoyable. 

Like other hemp and marijuana extracts, CBD can be taken as an edible infused in certain candies or chewables, but there are many other ways to consume CBD, from simple to gourmet. 

Here, we'll get into all the ways you can enjoy CBD in your diet and the best products to get you started.

cbd smoothie infused with cbd oil from a tincture for morning energy

CBD In Drinks

As we know, CBD is an oil and oil and water don't mix. So if you're hankering for some CBD infused water or a refreshing juice, your best bet is to use a "water-soluble" form to avoid separation and inconsistent dosing. 

As the name implies, this form of CBD mixes thoroughly with water without separating out, so it's ideal for adding to water-based drinks. 

Among other benefits, this form of CBD tends to be more effective and requires a smaller dose to be so as it is generally more bioavailable than most other forms.

For more on water-soluble CBD, read here

envy hemp pure cbd water soluble tincture used to easily add cbd to drinks
For drinks like smoothies and shakes, you may be able to get away with adding an oil, either pure CBD or diluted in a carrier like MCT or olive oil. 
Adding CBD to a smoothie, after all, is probably much more enjoyable than sticking olive oil under your tongue to take sublingually. Here are some great CBD infused drink recipes you can try at home!


CBD In Food

Like its psychotropic counterpart tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD can be infused in foods like baked goods or snacks. However, since CBD is an isolate and you wouldn't be adding the full hemp plant, appropriate dosing and measurements become much easier. 

Adding pure or diluted CBD oil to your baked goods can be as easy as measuring out the correct amount and mixing directly into your dough, batter, eggs, etc. Unlike drinks, there's no concern for separation as most food products and especially baked goods are already emulsions and have oil or fats in which the CBD oil can be thoroughly mixed.

Cooking With CBD

Can CBD oil be used in place of other oils you cook with? Theoretically yes, but this may not be your best option. 

For starters, CBD oil is much more costly than normal cooking oils. It's way more cost effective to add an appropriate dose to your vegetable or olive oil and mix in. 

Additionally, CBD oil is sensitive to extreme heat and can be degraded at high temperatures. Read here for a quick guid to the basics of cooking with CBD

CBD Products To Add To Your Routine

Whether you're looking for simplicity or trying your hand at mastering CBD-infused cuisine, Envy Hemp's line of products can help you embark on your venture. Here are a couple options: 

  • Water-Soluble Tinctures. This line is great for the on-the-go CBD user. Simply add a few drops to your morning coffee or bottle of water and experience the fast effects of more bioavailable CBD. This line includes functional products as well as pure CBD for help with energy, sleep, focus and recovery.
  • Oil Tinctures. For more complex cooking and baking food infusions, our pure CBD dissolved in MCT oil can be of use. Simply add to the oil phase of any recipe and enjoy!

With all this, it's important to first and foremost establish an appropriate dose for you and your potential dinner guests. Whether you're an active CBD user and know the best dose for you or just starting out, figuring out how to add the proper dose so that each serving contains the right amount may be a little tricky. 

We've got your back with this helpful guide

man and woman cooking with cbd oil

Bottom Line

While taking CBD may help with what ails you, it doesn't have to be just another pill or supplement to choke down with your morning coffee. Adding CBD to your diet can be a fun way to experiment with new recipes or simply incorporate it more easily into your routine. 

A wide array of products from powder to tinctures and oils make CBD versatile and convenient whether you're adding it to a protein shake or an elaborate dinner. 

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