CBD For Sexual Performance Anxiety

Scientists say there’s a lot going on in the body that makes sex feel good. These feelings of pleasure belong to a series of physical and emotional stages that you experience when you’re having sex or feeling aroused.

But your sex life may suddenly go south when you become overly conscious of your performance, worrying about how well (or poorly) you're satisfying your partner.

Although sexual performance anxiety affects both sexes, most cases report males.

Sexual Performance Anxiety (SPA) has wreaked havoc on many relationships. Statistics show that SPA affects 9 to 25 percent of men and 6 to 16 percent of women, severely inhibiting sexual desires.

Research into solutions for this sexual anomaly has been relatively minimal. So far, counseling, mindful meditation training, cognitive behavior therapy have been common therapies for SPA.

Interestingly, research reports show that CBD may help you get rid of sexual performance anxiety. It calms your mind and gets you focused and prepared for sex.

CBD, THC, and Sexual Performance Anxiety

Although more research is needed, existing indicators say CBD's therapeutic properties can help you fight sexual performance anxiety.

The therapeutic chemical components of CBD have received impressive reviews from health experts.

CBD and THC are two predominant compounds in cannabis – both marijuana and hemp.  Besides CBD and THC, there are over a hundred more compounds in the plant.

While THC is widely known for its psychoactive effects – which is the 'high' users experience – CBD has enjoyed increasing popularity for its many therapeutic potentials, including pain relief, anti-anxiety, reducing seizures, etc.

The Journal of the American Pharmacists Association discusses CBD as a potential treatment for several forms of anxiety. Earlier, research reveals that males who dosed 300 to 600 mg of CBD reported remarkable improvement in their anxiety symptoms.

Interestingly, CBD does more to your sex life than just eliminating sexual performance anxiety. Several firsthand user testimonies match research reports which suggest CBD may help revamp your sex life.

According to research, there are other ways CBD can step up your sexual life.

CBD May Settle Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, may be long- or short-termed. It can be consistent or occur once in a while. Some sufferers get an erection for only a few minutes, for others do not experience it at all. The variants are many.

In fact, ED is an umbrella term for a range of penis issues that affects about 30 million men across the US alone.

Thankfully, a review presents CBD – plus THC – as a high-potent ED antidote. The authors say the CBD has been a standard recommendation among Ayurveda practitioners for many years.

Those seeking a natural alternative to ED, research shows that certain herbal and vitamin supplements may provide varying degrees of success for ED. Check out Nutriair's blog to learn more about the best natural supplements for erectile dysfunction.

Serves as A Lubricant

CBD has found a home in many lubricants on the market for sex products. Although research on CBD as a lubricant is a few, early reports from ongoing research say topical CBD application may help manage inflammation and pain.

That sounds like good news to those who experience dryness and suffer painful sex.

But before you buy any CBD lubricant, ensure it's suitable for condoms.

CBD For Sexual Performance Anxiety

Causes of Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sex is way more than a physical response. During sex, your emotions are engaged.

Too-high expectations and worries about your performance can make the mind divided and too stressed to focus on, explore, and exploit the act. This condition rips off all the excitement that makes sex worth it.

Sexual performance anxiety may be caused by:

  • The fear of not satisfying your partner in bed
  • Relationship issues
  • Poor personal body assessment, including feeling over-weighted, having stretch marks, cellulite, and what have you.'
  • The fear your penis doesn't 'meet up.'
  • Anxious about not having an orgasm
  • Fear you may ejaculate too soon – or too late.

Family issues, financial difficulties, stress at work/school are other overwhelming concerns that may ruin your sexual performance.

How Do I Know I Have Sexual Performance Anxiety?

As mentioned, your state of mind influences sexual arousal and overall sexual experience.

Did you ever suddenly lost interest in having sex with someone you find sexually appealing? Well, that's some height of SPA.

Stress contributes too. When stress hormones are released, they contract the blood channels and reduce blood flow. Reduced blood flow to the penis makes erection difficult.

These conditions make the erection a 'holy grail,' even for guys who normally get 'rock-hard' faster than a blink.

How Do I Know I Have Sexual Performance Anxiety?

In females, anxiety can make you too-‘dry' to enjoy sex. In fact, it kills the natural urge to have sex.

Anxiety shifts your mind from sex. Too much focus on how well you'll perform drifts emotional attention from the real sex to your fears. Even if you eventually get aroused, you may soon get distracted when the flying thoughts flash.

Sometimes, you may get a good erection and quick enough, but reaching orgasm becomes another hassle.

Another way, you may get so excited about sex that you can't deliver. This, in turn, worsens your performance anxiety – on and on goes the vicious cycle.

How Can I Use CBD For Sexual Performance Anxiety?

CBD has found a home in many products. For convenience, manufacturers have designed different dosing forms to cater to a wide range of user preferences.

Here are some common ways you may consider when using CBD for sexual performance anxiety.

These products can be applied just as with other non-CBD sex-enhancing products. Interestingly, CBD is safe and widely tolerated.

Our guide on how to spot fake CBD products will save you from the piles of counterfeit products littering the CBD market.

That said, it's essential to go with the dosage guidelines on the product label – or even a bit lower.

Better still, get a more tailored CBD recommendation for sexual performance anxiety from a CBD-inclined doctor.

A talk with a CBD-experienced health expert not only offers you more customized recommendations based on individual weight, sex, medical history, and ongoing medications, you may get a pro-tested quality product recommendation.

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The Effects Vary Across Users

Although most testimonials support CBD for sex, note that the effects vary across users – no one-fits-all prescription. Typically, several factors, including sex and body mass index, dictate the individual results.

Whereas a truckload of reporters celebrate CBD's aphrodisiac potentials, a handful few say they felt nothing remarkable during sex after using CBD.

Dosing is another primary concern. The lingering inability to establish a universal dosage has made CBD a tricky subject to study.

While you may find dosing directions on some product labels, prefer to discuss your doses with a CBD-inclined doctor.

Talking Legality

Although federally legal, CBD remains prohibited across a few states.

For now, the compound is widely unregulated by the FDA, as they still research to unravel more about the relatively new compound.

However, the regulatory agency may soon take up more interest in the compound as more research confirms its safety and effectiveness profile. While we await FDA's regulatory framework, including dosage recommendations, and other safety guidelines, check your local laws and discuss with your health care provider before using CBD for sexual performance anxiety.


CBD for sexual performance anxiety looks promising.

Although more research is needed to substantiate existing data on how CBD can spice up your sexcapades, available evidence –both anecdotal and research results –  think you're good to go.

CBD has little (if any) side effects, hence, it may be worth a shot. However, ensure you begin with low doses and work up to a more suitable dosage.  If you're currently on a medication, discuss safe limits with a CBD-inclined health practitioner.

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