Can I Smoke CBD Isolate?

CBD’s increasing awareness, and the need for safer and more effective medications, mount pressure on researchers to unveil more of CBD’s potential therapeutic gains.

On their part, manufacturers within the CBD community are brainstorming on different consumption alternatives to satisfy consumers’ individual taste buds.

Although topical and oral administrations are the most common dosing forms among CBD users, inhalation is a favorite for some.

Some prefer the joint, pipe, or vape pen methods as they are touted to offer exclusive benefits lacking with tincture and lotions.

Can I smoke isolate CBD?

Girl smoking CBD

Of course, you can.

Although inhalation is in itself a health threat, Smoking CBD isolate offers a range of fast-acting positive effects – the latter is what matters for many persons.

The dosage options are based on individual preferences.

However you wish to consume your CBD, have safety in mind.

How does smoking CBD isolate feels?

The effects derived from smoking CBD isolate widely depends on some variables – notably, the product consumed and the user’s uniqueness, including body weight, medical history, etc.

For instance, smoking CBD offers an effect different from what’s obtainable from CBD-rich vape pen that contains wee-bit THC.

You won’t get high dosing on CBD isolate. Instead, expect a calming and relaxing sensation that promotes overall wellbeing.

Although, so far, no notable adverse effect has been recorded with CBD, avoid excess consumption.

Fatigue, nausea, and several degrees of irritation are likely with extremely high doses.

Although THC interacts with the CB1 receptors in the brain, which gives the typical high associated with cannabis, CBD binds, indirectly, with several other receptors across the body that boost the body’s natural endocannabinoids production.

Besides the relaxed feeling, smoking CBD, indications perceive, may help relieve pain and other symptoms.

Is smoking Isolate CBD Safe?

CBD is widely reported safe and well-tolerated. However, a handful of users have reported minor side effects, including:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Digestive problems

Noteworthily, these side effects are scare, mild, and do not apply to all users. Hence, CBD has attracted a name for safety and effectiveness.

However, CBD-drug interaction is a concern.

 Cytochrome P450 or CYP450 is an enzyme that helps the liver to process several drugs, including CBD. Dosing CBD with other medications that CYP450 metabolize may lead to a competition. This unhealthy competition may hinder the drugs’ metabolism, which may, in turn, cause drug accumulation in the bloodstream.

One notable culprit of this drug-drug interaction is Clobazam, an anti-epileptic drug. Research proves CBD consumption increases the level of Clobazam in the system. Hence, if CBD is consumed alongside Clobazam, lower doses will produce the same desired effect.

So, if you’re currently on any OTC medication or prescription, ensure you discuss with your physician before you introduce CBD.

CBD and Liver Function 

CBD and Liver function

There’s also a likelihood that CBD may be toxic to the liver when consumed over an extensive period – though more research is needed.

Research on CBD is still in its infancy. Hence, the studies on its side effects – particularly in the long term – is yet unknown.

Again, generally, experts have warned against the probable dangers of smoking.

Although pure CBD is less harmful than the chemical-laden tobacco, smoking, in general, may be hard on your lungs.

While several literature report vaporizers’ as less harmful, some compounds in vape juices are also dangerous.

In your selection, ensure you choose only products designed for smoking/vaping – avoid smoking regular CBD oil.

Smoking CBD Isolate Vs. Full-spectrum

Another thing to note is that pure CBD may have less effect than full-spectrum.

Full-spectrum CBD products are a blend of all the compounds, terpenes and cannabinoids, in the cannabis plant – Including CBD and THC.

These elements synergize to produce a more potent result widely known as the ‘entourage effect.’ This is influenced by the theory which believes compounds in cannabis create more significant effects together than when used as isolates.

If you wish to smoke 100 percent pure CBD, prefer the CBD isolate.  Although you may not get an effect as the entourage effect, you’d be dosing the highest CBD concentration without any fear of getting high. 

Companies like Plain Jane offer CBD Flower pre-rolled hemp joints are made of fresh, ground-up hemp flower buds. 

CBD Hemp pre-roll joint

Why do people prefer smoking CBD over other dosing options?

Is CBD smoking more beneficial to topical applications and oral ingestion?

For a start, smoking is thought to increase CBD’s bioavailability – the portion of drugs the circulatory system receives.

Besides the intravenous application (administered into the vein), other medical application options offer low bioavailability. This may be caused by a partial absorption and a process known as the first-pass metabolism. The first-pass metabolism explains a situation where drug concentration drops before it enters the circulatory system.

Smoking,  studies say, increases absorption rate. It is, however, noteworthy that smoking bioavailability is dependent on peculiarities – smoking duration, puff and inhalation volume, hold time, and puffs spacing.

When vaping/smoking CBD, the compounds are delivered to the lungs and, then, to the bloodstream, where it circulates throughout the body. Interestingly, the effects come almost immediately.

With oral consumption, CBD first goes through the digestive system, then the liver, where it is processed before final delivery to the bloodstream.

Again, some clinical trials report the likelihood of CBD smoking to help quit cigarettes.  The University College of London researchers ran a study that shows CBD’s potency in reducing the craving for the chemical-rich tobacco by about 40 percent.

Summarily – Can I smoke CBD isolate?


How you consume cannabis, to a large extent, determines its effect’s span. One high point of smoking CBD is how fast it absorbs into your body.

When vaped or smoked, the compound is delivered straight to the lung and quickly delivered to the bloodstream, where relevant parts of the body get a share.

After Smoking CBD, it reaches optimum concentrations in plasma in about three minutes and, according to a 2007 study, can stay up to 72 hours.

Authors of another study found CBD consumed via soft-gelatin capsules stayed in the blood for only 6 hours after consumption.

There are increasing ways to utilize CBD’s therapeutic properties, and smoking is arguably one of the most efficient.

However, it’s common knowledge that smoking, in general, may not offer the healthiest dosing option.

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