Benefits of Mixing CBD with Vitamin C

Barely three months after its discovery in China, the world records over 850,000 confirmed reported cases (as of March 31st). 

Understandably, many are worried about the implications of the fast-spreading virus on their health.

While WHO has reeled out basic protective measures against the new virus, they are what they are – mere protective measures. What happens if, somehow, one eventually contracts the virus?

As the race for a treatment accelerates, our immune system holds our fate. That is, fatality is dependent on the strength — or weakness — of individual immune systems.

The fatality rate, so far, stands at about 3-4% of total confirmed cases.

Introducing Cannabidiol

 Recent discoveries show cannabis offers more than the dreaded THC-induced ‘high.’ CBD —and about a hundred other compounds — have been discovered in the highly controversial plant.

CBD – short for Cannabidiol – is thought to have a long list of medicinal gains. While there is no scientific data, personal testimonies affirm reports from growing CBD-based researches.

CBD, Vitamin C, and Coronavirus

Pending a possible vaccine for the coronavirus, the search for ways to boost the immune system surges. Age and fitness, regardless, the need to fortify one’s natural disease fighter is critical – now, than ever.

Thankfully, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and regulate certain body functions. This, in turn, keeps you healthy and optimizes your body’s capacity to stand up against pathogens.

Being a natural alternative, CBD helps hold up body defenses without any adverse effects.

 CBD brings the body to a state called homeostasis. In this state, white blood cells are empowered for optimal functioning.
CBD and Vitamin C mixed in white capsules

On the other hand, Vitamin C — Nicked ascorbic acid — helps increase the body’s CBD absorption rate, more so, boosting its therapeutic effects.

Although getting adequate vitamin C from your diet may be difficult, Vitamin C-infused CBD products come handy.

CBD plus Vitamin C greatly compliments your everyday wellness regimen, building good blocks against cold and flu.

Is CBD and Vitamin Mix Safe?

Yes. reports no found interaction between Vitamin C and Cannabidiol. In fact, drug and grocery stores’ shelves are packed with myriads of CBD dietary supplements.

Although CBD-vitamin C interaction is slim, do well to consult your local CBD-inclined physician before you invest in any Cannabidiol + Vitamin C mix.

Summarily, Vitamin C, and CBD mix is your anywhere and anytime immune system booster.

Wrap Up

While there is yet no approved anti-COVID-19 vaccine, health organizations recommend several safety measures.

Although general hygiene helps prevent contracting the virus, boosting one’s immune systems helps fight and defeat the virus – perhaps the precautionary attempts fail.

Vitamin C and CBD mix is one trusted way to keep your immune system in top shape.

While scientists continue the search for ways to stop — and possibly treat the virus — do well to stay healthy.

Remember — Wear gloves in public. Get enough rest. Stay hydrated. Wash your hands regularly. And, don’t forget your CBD + Vitamin C Mix supplements.

Again, Stay Safe! 

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