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CBD And Sleep

CBD And Sleep
Before you read any further and especially before you start medicating with CBD oil, make sure you have a conversation with your medical practitioner. 

Bill 420

Bill 420
Every so often a bill gets presented to the Senate that talks about one thing, legalizing cannabis. Year after year, presidency after presidency, we fail as a nation to see this bill be passed.

Hemp Wins

Hemp Wins
2018 ended on a great note when it came to Hemp. The Farm Bill was passed and the impact of this legislation on the hemp industry is huge. 

Cooking With CBD

Cooking With CBD
When it comes to incorporating CBD into our everyday routines, people can be stumped when it comes to how to creatively get that CBD into our systems. 

CBD in 2019

CBD in 2019
Last year was capped off in a positive light when it comes to CBD, the Farm Bill was passed which means that CBD and hemp are federally legal. 

Hemp Milk is the New Almond Milk

hemp milk
You probably clicked into this article with the thought: What the heck? Hemp milk? Well it's a real thing and it could potentially replace dairy (a...

Hemp Skincare

hemp skincare
Regardless of your age, every person struggles with something when it comes to their skin, whether it be eczema or acne, wrinkles or dullness, ever...

Hemp Plastic

hemp plastic
Hemp plastic sounds crazy because we’re so used to our regular plastic bottles and other poly products we use every day. In the United States alone...

CBD And Your Pet

pets hemp
Dogs and Cats have an endocannabinoid system close to ours and will react to CBD in a similar manner. Before we begin talking about the potential b...

What exactly is CBD?

CBD envy hemp
There is a talk of what CBD can do to replace objects in our everyday life, but what does CBD do? What's the difference between hemp and marijuana?...

Farming Hemp

farming hemp envy hemp
For thousands of years hemp had been used around the world, and when the war on cannabis started, hemp suffered as a result. There was a reason thi...


airport cbd
For the immense amount of people struggling with flight-related stress and anxiety, CBD would be a great option – if we were allowed to carry them ...